About the Things i do .      And me .

Kunst ist eIn Luxusgut, welches man so oft wie möglich verschwenderisch konsumieren sollte.                                                         Art is a luxury, which should be consumed Lavishly as frequently as possible.

-born 1997 in Berlin

-Abitur at the Wilhelm-von-Siemens grammar school 2016


-Fine Arts, Design, Englisch, and German as Foreign Language (teaching program)

student at the University of Greifswald since 2016

-student assistant, digital teaching & media education, University of Greifswald, May 2020

-student assistant, media-based fine arts (Prof. Asmani), University of Greifswald, January 2022





"Revealing Anonymity", GoSA, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, CA, 2018.


"Himmelshäuser", Café Koeppen, Greifswald, 2020.


Group Exhibitions (Selection):


"Living Room Gallery", kulturbar, Greifswald, Germany, 2017 .


"INSOMNALE", photoinstallation "Calories", CDFI, University of Greifswald, Germany, 2018 .

"horizonte", Photo-Festival, Zingst, Germany, 2018 .

"Travelling Gallery" curated by Areti Botsari, Greifswald, Broellin, Anklam; Germany, 2018 .


"Living Room Gallery #2", kulturbar, Greifswald, Germany, 2019 .

"39th International Hanseatic Days", photo series for the topic "Traditionen und Gegenwart Traditions and Modernity", Pskov, Russia, 2019 .

"INSOMNALE", videoinstallation "c.t.", CDFI, University of Greifswald, Germany, 2019 .


"Living Room Gallery #3", kulturbar, Greifswald, 2020 .

"KUNST:OFFEN 2020", Rittergut Boemitz, Rubkow, 2020 .

"Public Art - Die Litfaßsäule als Massenmedium", all across Greifswald, 2020.

"INSOMNALE digital", videoinstallation "chronophobia", CDFI, University of Greifswald, 2020 .


"Public Art (Vol. III)", all across Greifswald, 2021.

"b suche", FRIEDA23, Rostock, 2021.

"KUNST:OFFEN 2021", Rittergut Boemitz, Rubkow, Germany, 2021.

"Sammelausstellung Loitz", KulturKonsum, Loitz, Germany, 2021.

"b suche", Galerie Schwarz, Greifswald, 2021.





"Kuenstlerstadt Kalbe e.V." for the 6th winter campus "Abenteuer-Land", Kalbe, Germany, 2019.




"SummerSchool 21", FRIEDA23 & kunst.schule.Rostock., Rostock, Germany, 2021.