Public Art - Works .

Article from the "Campus 1456" Magazine 01/2023

Floating or Schmelz-Schleier-Feier-Fake-FünF .

Today's Programme .

MarkenZeichen .

Insurance Art Insurance .

Video still from "Insurance Art Insurance", 2021, shown on electronic billboard.

Survey Art .

" "Public Art - The Advertising Column as Mass Medium" is a temporary artistic intervention by students of Caspar-David-Friedrich-Institute (CDFI) and part of my first project as professor for new media and applied graphics in visual arts at university Greifswald.
Individual concepts become part of the urban culture: How is the city changing, who are the public actors, and what can cultural participation look like in the digital age?"

-text by Rozbeh Asmani .


About my concept:

"Survey Art" - A participatory public art series:"The perpetual pursuit for direct participation of the consumer has yet to be perfected. Art in public space is thinking three steps ahead. Survey Art unites techniques of advertising with collaborative art practice."

Pedestrians are encouraged to answer the particular question stated on the billboards/advertising columns to collaboratively create a morphological art piece, which will be realized in the second stage of the concept.


More about this project series at the Caspar-David-Friedrich Institute of Fine Arts.